Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Everywhere you go, everything you read, and all of the news programs on TV talk about the high price of gas. Yes, gas is very expensive. At least there is some sort of a (what I assume) difficult process to getting the gas into its good smelling state as it comes out of the pump into your vehicle.
What you never hear anyone complain about is the high price of ice. Ice is just frozen cubes of water. Not hard at all to create yet we gladly pay $1 and up for a bag of a few pounds of it. Where is the public outcry??


Christina said...

So true on the ice!

However, I was just complaining to my gma today that Velveeta cheese was $4.29 (I think - $4-something) yesterday at Wal-Mart. GEEZ... Velveeta is like a cornerstone in every great meal I make... I can't afford for it to go up any higher!
Why don't candidates put that in their speel of why we should vote for them???

Sarah D said...

Christina, maybe Obama could strike up a deal with you.

You vote for him, he lowers the price of Velveeta.

joanna m said...

I totally agree!

People come in after pumping gas and are complaining the whole time, and then they go get a bottle of water for anywhere from $1.29 and up. Now figure that price out for a gallon of bottled water!?

Anonymous said...

My biggest beef at the grocery store is not Velveeta cheese, like's just plain ol' shredded cheese. I used to be able to buy the big bag at Wal-Mart for $6.44 per bag. (Not sure the amount of cups or lbs.) Anyway, that SAME bag now costs $10.44.

$4.00 more?????????

Come On! Those cows must be made of gold or something!