Thursday, August 7, 2008

Build A Bear

After the zoo, we had lunch at a pizza place and headed to the mall where we proceeded to do some back-to-school or, actually for all of us it was first-time-to-school, shopping.

The kids were very well behaved at the mall. Amber even let RJ go with Jamee and I into the shoe store where we got to pick him out some new shoes!!

To end the day, we visited Build A Bear. Jack had never been. He does not pay much attention to stuffed animals, so I thought he would not care for it. Jack did remember seeing pictures of Cole and Ross and their Build A Bears on the Farley's blog, so if it was good enough for Cole and Ross, he thought it would be ok for him.

Jack, choosing his bear
Jack with his unstuffed, lifeless bear

RJ choose a cheetah
(or at least that is what I think it was)

Heidi got a purple sparkle bear

Emily a pink and white bear

Jack's bear getting stuffed

That's when things got a little loud for Jack.

After the "stuffing" they took their bears to the "shower"
that put out air. You could give your bear a "bath" and then brush it.
Jack REALLY got into that part.

I was pretty happy he took his hands off
of his ears.
Jack with his finished bear.
He named him JUICY BUILDY
And, what do you know, they had
bear size goggles available for purchase so,
J.B. had to get those along with his camo boxer briefs
and a brush to clean him with at home.
Jack has played with his bear more than I thought he would (which means a maybe total of 15 minutes). He did take J.B. to church with him on Sunday. Normally, I think Church is a no shoes, no shirt, no service kind of a place but God made an exception for Jack's bear.
God is pretty nice like that.


Dawn said...

awwww, I want to take Daelyn to BaB so bad. She would LOVE it. The closest one to here is STL, right?

Christina said...

The whole zoo trip sounds like it was a ton of fun! I love going to build-a-bear! :-)

Betsy Riedle said...

Looks like you all had a good time. Olivia still plays with her Build-a-bear and it is close to 3 years old.