Sunday, October 26, 2008

Taking the high road

A lot of crappy things have happened to me and my family lately. Personal attacks have been made, and harsh, cruel, untrue words have been spoken. I have not shared them on my blog because to be quite honest with you, some things are just to personal to share.

I LOVE my blog. I love blogging. When I first had Jack and made the decision to stay home with him, as rewarding as it was, I lost a lot socially, and I require a lot of social contact.

This may sound crazy, but my blog kind of lifted me out of a funk that I had no idea that I was in. It gave me that feeling of connection with others that I was missing and even though from time to time controversy has struck because of words that I have written, the regrets I have are very few.

People have asked why I have not used this platform as a means to defend myself or my family members. They see others trying to do so and wonder if I can talk about pretty much everything else, why am I keeping my mouth shut?

PLEASE know that I would fight to my death to defend ANY member of my family, but I realize that perhaps this time, this is not the place that those words need to be spoken. The few who need to know do know and the support that they have shown me and my family members have shown us how true friends and adults behave.

So, on this issue I will continue to take the high road. I will just keep blogging about the things that I normally blog about-my son, the upcoming birth of my child, OBAMA, Newton Eagles, pop culture, and other random bits and pieces that strike my fancy.

Until then....

Sarah "takin' the high road" Diel Kinkade


hncfarley said...

Hmmm, really clueless, assuming it is not about me or I would already know.
Proud of you, because seriously, mudslinging isn't your style. You are a better person than that. Taking the highroad shows you have class....
Your family and friends know how you feel about them without making it proclaiming it on the internet.

Miss Ashley said...

that is very strong, mature and faithful of you. I truly respect you for your decision. I know I dont know much about the issues you have in your personal life. But keeping things left out of your blog for you sanity will really pay off in the long run.

I love reading your blog just the way it is. and having that part of Newton in my life is so rewarding to me.


lots of love from Alaska

Luke's Folks said...

Ok, now I am reallllly interested. First Rebekah gets out of blogville because of bad remarks about her blog. Now you are getting discouraged, it seems. Whoever is causing such turmoil in ya'alls lives should get their own life, and their own blog!

You take care and don't take any shit (there ya go Rebekah!) from anyone! Life is too short.

Rebekah said...

see, Jen Sue knows me so well and knows Just when cursing is appropriate! love ya!

Kathryn said...

Chad & Holly - It is about you; Sarah's just being nice by not dragging your names through the mud. Yes, I'm kidding!! Anyway, hang in there Sarah - we love reading your blog. Don't let the assholes get you down (that's for RG).

jodi said...

Hey girl -
Good for you..take the high road. I love our blog world!May all those who sling mud...pave your high road to travel LOL
I also enjoyed seeing you at the good ol' fall festival Saturday.

With much love to the DIEL fam!

aczumbahlen said...

Way to show that Diel Girl spunk! We Diels are made of strong stuff!

Ashley and Evan said...

Good for you Sarah! Screw those who feel the need to say/spread nasty rumors. More than likely they are jealous because you have something they don't....CLASS!

Tracie said...

So proud of you!!

Good Post!

Aubrey said...

I got an email from a reader of Rebekah's blog that said her exit from blogville must have been because of a the words of your father, You can't argue with a dumbass!!

Why bother, right?

On a similar note, I just love our little community where no one has anything better to do than stir shit!

Volkman's said...

Sorry to hear you are getting BS. that's not fun when you are getting ready for Chuck-chuck.Take it easy, keep eating your Reese's, put your feet up, and keep typing.:) ....(I do hate the 4 pds thing)...that's not fair!! :) :)

Betsy R said...

Proud of you for staying positive. I think that negatvie comments are uncalled for. It is nice for us prior Newton folks to feel connected to home. Keep it up!

Dora Jo said...

Sarah D, good Christian values, maybe others should follow.