Thursday, October 2, 2008


In case you are unaware, besides being just my fabulous self, I am also the co-chairwoman of the NCHS Athletic Boosters (Jackie Schackmann being the other co-chair).

You see us at Football games selling t-shirts, hats, yard signs, and car decals. Hopefully NCHS Athletes have hit you up to purchase a pizza to help support the Athletic Boosters (and you purchased some).

What do the Athletic Boosters do??? In the past couple of years we have made numerous sizable donations to the renovation of the weight room (which all athletes use). Helped send the volleyball team, boys and girls basketball teams to summer camps and contributed to the new countdown clock used at the football games.

Whenever any of the NCHS Athletic teams have a need the school has not budgeted for, the Athletic Boosters are there to help.

I have really enjoyed being a part of the Athletic Boosters. I am proud of the work that we do.

Which brings me to my point. PLEASE be very aware that when you purchase any Newton Eagle gear from CVS, Alco, Newton IGA, or some other random individual, unless they tell you differently (and you should ask), the money IS NOT going to support NCHS Athletes. It's going in their pocket. Now, that is very fair. It's a free world and good for them for having an enterprising spirit, but just remember why you want that Newton Eagle t-shirt. You want to support the Newton Eagles right???So buy from whomever you must, but make sure to ask them if they are giving a percentage of their proceeds to the Newton Eagles. If they say no, please consider making a donation to your favorite Newton Athletic team or the NCHS Athletic Boosters.


Rebekah said...

very good point! i had never thought of that. i know i have purchased eagle items in the past for gifts,etc.. and what good did it do the eagles? prob zilch..

Tracie said...

You Go Girl!!

Kuhn Family said...

Do you sell toddler size clothing? I need to get my boy some real eagle attire and not just make him wear a random color of orange and blue all the time.