Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Champagne wishes and diaper bags dreams

31 days until my c-section date. So far feeling ok. I think the baby is pinching my bladder because it must be funny to him. It's not funny to me. It really hurts. My energy level is way down. I am amazed that after working around the house for 30 minutes or so I require a few minutes to set down and rest. If I get lucky Jack will take a nap in the afternoons and I try to take one with him.

I realized after we moved into the house that putting the baby upstairs would not work when we first bring him home. I won't be able to walk up and down the stairs multiple times a day after having my c-section, so we have to set stuff up downstairs for the baby. I hope to get that accomplished this weekend.

Sadly, after going through Jack's clothes and Michelle bringing me clothes from Dexter it looks like Baby Chuck Chuck is more than set in the clothing department. I was really hoping he would need more so I could do some shopping, but he really will not.

Holly Farley recommended diapers.com to me and I got my first shipment of diapers in the mail last week. It was pretty cool to have the man in brown drop off a big box filled with diapers (not to mention they were a great deal and I got free shipping).

I have been on the hunt for the perfect diaper bag for weeks now with no luck. I did not realize how expensive diaper bags were. This is my dream bag.....

It is $324.00

Even if I could afford it, that is just a CRAZY amount of money to spend on a diaper bag.

The baby remains without a name at this time. We have some ideas, but nothing set in stone. I am getting a little concerned.

Dr. appt tomorrow. I am hoping to make him happy by gaining a couple of pounds. Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, here I come.


Tracie said...

Have you checked out the Kalencom website for diaper bags?

She is a designer our of New Orleans..and they always have super cute styles.

They usually run around $100 on the Kalencom website. More if you buy one at a boutique.

I love them!!

I am emailing you the link right now.

clkocher said...

Mom bought me a Kalencom for Ella-love it. I acually checked it on amazon for the best price and found it Sears.com for @ 70. Tons of supercute designs!

Dawn said...

LOVE the new look. Very nice.

And I was reading your post when Weldon saw the bag and said that was a nice purse. I told him it was a diaper bag and he couldn't believe it. And then I told him the price and he about died.

But I do love it.

Jamee said...

I bought a nice diaper bag for Hayden. I think I spent a chunk of money, but it has been worth it. I bought a large leather bag (BR) that I can use forever.