Monday, October 6, 2008

So long

It's a sad day for this blogger. My sister, Rebekah Diel Gosnell, decided it was time for her to leave the blogging world. She was one of the very first bloggers in this area. She never got the credit that I think she deserved for helping to start the blogging revolution.

Rebekah is a much better person than I am. She saw things going down a bad path and smartly decided it was time for her to jump off the train before it crashed.

She's smarter than I am. I should probably follow her example and shut mine down as well. I have seriously considered it, but for now I will soldier on.

Selfishly, I wish she would stick around. She's smart and funny and when time permitted her to blog, it was one of the best. One thing she is not is a hypocrite, so I have to applaud her decision.

Rebekah is a top notch DIEL GIRL.
She knows what that means,
takes it very seriously and does her best to uphold the DIEL GIRL code.
I did promise more cussing just for Rebekah and I plan to do my best to make her happy.
She sees through the bullshit.
and she knows that sadly,
So long Bubba...
turn it up. this song is for you.
i know you know where your Midnight Train is going


Tracie said...

I will miss Rebekah's blog.

To be honest, she was the one who got me hooked!

Sugar Sweet Thoughts said...

What a sad, sad, sad day in Bloggerville! I will really miss Rebekah's posts and comments!

Sugar Sweet Thoughts said...

And yes... Rebekah is the one that got me hooked on blogging, too!

Sarah D said...


I hope that she will at least still leave us comments!!

She will still be reading, I know that!


Kathryn said...

One less Diel girl in the blog-sphere? That's bullshit! Come back, Rebekah! The blog world is a better and funnier place with you and Sarah in it. You could call your new blog "You Can't Argue With a Dumbass"

hncfarley said...

Can't type, crying to hard....
Maybe you could make a new blog under an assumed name. But tell Sarah so she can hook us up.

Luke's Folks said...

What the hell Rebekah? I have never known you to PUNK out! Wink, seductive smoke of the cigarette. Ha!

Even if I just spy around and don't comment as much as I should, I love love love keeping up with you Diel girls and other Newtonians. Come back Bekah Sue, come back@@

Volkman's said...

So sad.....Rebekah got me started... so sad... Chris and I love the family blog!!I too think she should come back... :(

Amanda M said...

Oh Rebekah....what a sad, sad day. I can't believe you are going away. You should definately reconsider!