Friday, October 3, 2008

Show & Tell day

Fridays are show and tell day at Jack's school. Since today is the big Homecoming Parade and Football Game, Jack has some special visitors coming to his class for show and tell. 3 members of the Newton Eagles Football team!!! How cool is that?

TYMAY, Jake Pilman, and Kyle Bailey are going to visit Jack's class. They have orange and blue beads to give to all of the kids. I really wanted to go to and take pictures, but I thought that would be a little much to ask.

Thanks boys, the kids are going to think this is so great! Thanks Uncle Jason for letting Jack have an awesome show and tell.



Jace said...

That indeed is an awesome show and tell. I wish I could go.

jodi said...

That's cool, Jack! What a great deed by the Eagles...way to go boys!

DeAnn said...

What a great idea! I know the high school players come in to sign the kids t-shirts on Fridays at St. Joe. Even though Gavin has no clue who they are, he thinks it's just great. They're good role models for the kids.

Sugar Sweet Thoughts said...

Jack must be the coolest kid at his school! Lucky!!!

Tracie said...

What A Lucky Little Guy!!!