Sunday, October 26, 2008

Family Fun Night

Jack's preschool sponsored a family fun night earlier this week. Jack was very excited about attending. He was most excited about going as a family. When we got out of the car and headed to the gym he instructed us to all hold hands as a family.

Family Fun Night was filled with lots of little kids visiting different tables with activities set up for them to do. Mainly they revolved around Fall and Halloween.
The large amount of kids in attendance being loud and running around made my stomach hurt from nerves.
God Bless those preschool teachers, I don't know how they do it.
First stop...
The large container of spaghetti
and Jack's friend from school, Cory Dhom.
It took Jack a little while, but he really got into it.

I was regretting putting him in a brand new shirt.

Lily Bierman was also in attendance.
She had a fancy new hairdo complements of Pam Kerner.
She also had chosen to accessorise the outfit with an armful of bracelets.
I thought she looked just smashing!
Jack making a ghost out of a tootsie pop

the finished ghost

Jack and Daddy decorating a cookie

Enjoying the finished product

Jack is 5 pumpkins tall

Making a pumpkin out of construction paper

The finished pumpkin.
(the star is its beauty mark)

Playing some pumpkin bean bag toss with Dad
Jack had a great time at the Family Fun Night. He kept telling us how much fun it was with his family. I am so grateful that he enjoys doing stuff like that with us, I am sure it won't be that many more years before his Mom and Dad are not cool enough to hang out with!


Browningblog said...

You keep doing things as a family and I have a feeling Jack will want to keep doing things as a family. I miss those days, we did "make and takes" at Robert's preschool, where we went to school, made a craft item together, ate and came home. I LOVED those days!

Anonymous said...

OK....I can do all those things except that spaghetti thing!

I went to a haunted house once...actually it was in Newton...that big old house that used to be where Casey's is now.

They had bowls of spaghetti and whole olives...but it was dark and they told us it was brains and eyeballs. SO GROSS!

I WAS old enough that I should not have been grossed out - but I totally was.

Aubrey said...

I was a bit appalled at the spaghetti...kinda weird if you ask me. I know you didn't ask, but I'm just sayin.