Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Noble, IL home of the BIG CHICKEN

Saturday Jack, Cliff, and I headed to Noble to hang out with Cliff's nephew (sorry, I know I should refer to him as my nephew as well, but he is 19, I have only been around for 5ish years, maybe if he was younger, is that wrong? He does not call me Aunt Sarah.) David, who is home on leave from Iraq.

While on our way to get David, Jack spotted the BIG CHICKEN. The chicken is by the high school, in front of what I think was an old lawn ornament business. Jack wanted to stop. I did to.
Jack and David
That is one BIG CHICKEN!!

Apparently, it is made of fiberglass.
In my younger days I would have been working on a plan to
remove and relocate that chicken.

Isn't she glorious.
We also ate lunch at the Tin Cup. Noble's most happening eatery. I think Noble's only eatery. Good food. Really good food.
You know, Noble is not that far away. What a great little day trip....see the BIG CHICKEN eat lunch at the Tin Cup....I'm just sayin.


Rebekah said...

The tin cup is a kick ass place to eat! better than the DJ cafe? nah....

Sarah D said...

AHH Rebekah, you are right. The DJ is better, but Willow Hill does not have a big chicken!!

They need to get one.

Anonymous said...

That is one big chicken!

Aubrey said...

Okay - I grew up close to the DJ Cafe....what on earth do you girls order there that makes it so good???

joanna m said...


Maybe I could work on that big chicken for you! Where would you like that sitting at? lol

Have you guys been back many times since the time we were there at the same time? Have I????? Of course, avg 2 times a week.

Samee JO said...

Sarah- I must agree that the Tin Cup is pretty tasty! We visit alot, do to the fact its 10 minutes from the house! Try out a Thursday night, delicious Frog Legs!

Amber M said...

Yep, I'm from Noble and had to see that damn big cock, oh wait I mean chicken all the time. lol So, they don't have the place there anymore that sold lawn ornaments? It looks like now it is just a blue trailer?

I've only been to the Tin Cup once and that was years and years ago. My dad I think still goes there a lot and likes it.

Kelley L. said...

Seriously, that would look awesome in my yard...Lis needs a giant chicken!!!

Sarah D said...

I think Rebekah and I are waiting for you to invite us for lunch!

She's off on Fridays!


Sarah D said...

LIS and Willow Hill both need some sort of a large fiberglass animal.

aczumbahlen said...

AHH....Now I am reminiscing about the good ole days and our weekend lawn ornament pilfering. Did that chicken move at all when you pushed on it? If so I think we could load it into a truck and relocate it to Kelley's yard. Lis really does need something to draw the tourists!

Rebekah said...

oh joanna m! a lunch date at the dj with you would be a dream come true!

jodi said...

TOO Funny - well, we've tried to move that chicken -NO LUCK! HA HA
The TinCup is good - I recommend the breakfast menu or like Samee -Thursday night frog legs.

Sarah D said...

OK, I am getting a posse together.

We gotta get that BIG CHICKEN and take it to LIS!!

Who's with me??

Samee Jo, thanks for the frog leg info. Someone just asked me the other day what night that was.

joanna m said...

You two name the Friday and I will be there. He now closes @ 1:30, so it can be lunch whenever, let me know.