Thursday, October 9, 2008

Homecoming parade

Since tomorrow my internet will be shut off to be switched to the new house, I am trying to post all of the pictures I have taken and been meaning to share.

Last Friday Jack and I went to the Homecoming Parade with Amber, RJ, Heidi, and Miss Kaitlin Diel. Kaitlin's parents Ronnie and Marla had saved us a spot.

It really was a great parade. We enjoyed it so much. Jack got tons of candy. Ronnie and Marla are the people to set by at a parade. Marla was SO positive, she cheered loudly for everyone, be it the 50 year class or the volleyball team.
Jack was not interested in being photographed

Our friend Chelsea

The Homecoming King candidates
TYMAY and Conner

The St. Thomas Marching Saints.
They are such a great little band.
Jack was SO excited to see the band from his school.

Our pal Ashley, Queen of the fair

It's TYMAY's sister Sydney!
Drum Major for Newton Jr. High's Marching Eagles

Not sure what this float was for, but Vanessa was on it.
Hey Vanessa!

The McCoy boy's Eagle Van
Someday I am going to ride in that thing!

Gabe Fulton with the NCHS Football team

here they come.....
what I had been waiting for....

they did not disappoint
(Mindy where are you?)

I wanted to follow them down the street so I could hear them play more!

Jack and RJ are spent.
Chasing after all that candy wears a person out!


Anonymous said... you are really making me homesick. First it was the Fall Festival, now the Homecoming Parade. You are KILLING ME!!

I did not know that NCHS even had an Alumni Band. How cool is that?!?!

And those Orange and Blue Mardi Gras Beads...Gotta Love That!!!

Browningblog said...

Hey, wow, you got pics of the Alumni band, (I saved them, thanks!) Where am I?? In the third picture down, with the row that has Megan A playing trombone at the end, I am at the other end (you can see my butt sticking out) that's seems to be the only picture you got of me- isn't that special?? LOL I'm a die hard "marcher" I can't stand the thought of not marching, I rode one year and it just felt wrong!