Monday, October 27, 2008

Free chocolate

A free sample to good not to share (sharing when they arrive in the mail is up to you).
to get a free 8 pack of chocolate truffles.
--by the way, my free samples have started to arrive, last week Jack got an entire pack of gum in the mail and a sheet of race car stickers! It was super exciting. Anyone else getting anything?


Anonymous said...

YES---I just got my pack of Cinnamon Stride on Saturday!

So cool.

I haven't gotten anything else yet.

I will definitely be signin' up for some of that chocolate though!

Anonymous said...

Hopefully it won't be any of that poisoned Chinese Chocolate!

I'm just sayin.

Aubrey said...

Thanks, Sarah! Lovin' the gum....really looking forward to those baby wipes, kinda waitin to buy any, you know.

Definitely gettin me some chocolate ordered up now!

Sarah D said...

damn Chinese!

Man, Chinese food sounds really good.

joanna m said...

Yep-got my Cinnamon Stride gum yesterday. We love gum in this house!

I haven't gotten anything else yet, but don't remember what else there was.

Will sign up for the chocolate, we aren't into that kind alot, so Sarah would you like our free sample-(just trying to help make the doctor happy)