Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Still playing the name game

Just a little over a month to go and still no name has been chosen. The only thing I do know for sure is that he WILL NOT be named Chuck Chuck.
When I had Jack, we were not for sure of his name until right after he was born and it seems like at this point that is going to happen again. My c-section is scheduled for 7:30 am on 11*28 and my goal is for him to be named by noon that day.
Cliff says he will love him no matter what his name is, but still seems to shoot down a good portion of the names I suggest.
I have offered to let my sister Michelle and Kelley Leffler name him if the name is presented to me on a decorated cake. So far I remain cakeless. I was not kidding and a nice cake sounds REALLY good.
Each name I come up with has to be examined for bad nickname potential. Michelle threw out some of her suggestions to Gabe and he gave her his thoughts on each with some name suggestions of his own. She e-mailed their conversation to me and it was to good not to share.....
Gabe and I talked about names for chuck chuck tonight. I will give the name I suggested, then Gabe's input.

Sullivan "Sounds old. Too old"
Lincoln "Is it a baby or a president"
Gibson (Gib. Gib Kinkade. I love it) "Sounds like dried vomit"
Fletcher "Toilet flusher"
And my personal favorite (of Gabe's replies that it, I like all these names)......
Harrison "Harrison? Who Caresison"

Gabe's suggestions
Alex (per Gabe, still good if it "accidentally turns into a girl like last time")
Maybe Gabe is onto something and we should just go with Stan.


Sugar Sweet Thoughts said...

Someday I have to meet Gabe! He's such a hoot! He cracks me up!

Names... that's a biggie. Calvin is named after Calvin Coolidge. Although not our best president, he was Republican w/ a nice name.

Maybe a Democrat name since it's an election year??? I vote no to Barrack... that just sounds funny... Barrack Kincade... :-)

Sarah D said...

You may be onto something.

I do agree with you, maybe Barack is a little much.

Although Jack was not named after JFK, I have always admired and been so fascinated by the Kennedy family. They have a lot of good names to choose from. Maybe we need to go with one of those.


aczumbahlen said...

I still like Judd...and Ben.