Thursday, January 29, 2009

WINNER Winner Chicken Dinner

And the winner is........................entry #88, drawn at random----AMANDA MASSEY MARTIN!!!

Congrats Amanda!!! Let me know for sure what you want and I will get it shipped to you ASAP!!

Thanks to all of the entries, and to those who shared this on their blog.

I can't leave the rest of you high and dry so if you see something you would like to purchase at Sarah Sellz take $5 off the price of any purse and $2 off the price of any flat wallet or item of jewelry.
This offer is good for one week. Just make sure to mention it to me in your e-mail.

Once again, thanks and congrats Amanda!!!


hncfarley said...

Random drawing my ass!

Sarah D said...

Sorry Chad, I know you really wanted to win a new purse....maybe next time!

Amanda M said...

OMG!!!! I cant believe I won. I am sooooo excited. I never win anything! Sweet! Now I may need another wallet or some jewlry to go with that!