Tuesday, January 6, 2009

More Jack and Harrison

Jack with the pool/air hockey/Foosball table that Santa left him.
His new Christmas pajamas ended up being a little small so we
decided to go with the next best thing.....glow in the dark skeleton pajamas!

Merry Christmas
Nanny Fulton cherry pie style!!!!!!

Baby Harrison's first Christmas.
Jack got the sleeper Harrison is wearing from his Aunt Bubba
when he was born and wore it on his first Christmas
when he was only 5 days old.
Harrison fills it out much better than his brother did.

As if the house was not messy enough with Christmas, a new baby and all of
the stuff that they come with, Cliff and Jack decided to open and put together the
race track Jack's Mam and Bamp got him for Christmas.

Sweet Baby Harrison

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Ashley and Evan said...

Jack's pajamas rule and baby Harrison is so cute. Too bad I couldn't feed him anymore because I'm apparently not qualified to feed a newborn.