Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Suck it Ann Coulter

Did anyone see this douchebag on THE VIEW this week? She SOO dissed Barbara and that is not ok. Barbara deserves respect.

Ann is not known for being nice. She's the same woman that called some women that had been made widows by 9*11 "gold diggers". Her latest targets? African-Americans that have been raised by single mothers who are white---Halle Berry, Alicia Keys, and President Obama to name a few. I am pretty sure Alicia Keys can handle it. We all know Obama could take her down, but Halle Berry seems like a delicate flower.

Douchebag is too nice of a word for this horse faced meanie, but the c to the t word probably should not be used on my blog.

Ann Coulter gives the Republican party a bad name. Not sure who is in charge over there, but maybe they should consider doing something about her.


jodi said...

Did you see her on the Today show? She is crazy - a way too goofy for me to even describe...wait a minute I think "B -otch" fits her LOL

paige said...

Ignorant is a great word to desribe Ann Coulter! I'll leave you with a quote my best friend in Nashville would say "She thinks she's sooo hot, but I'll bet you she's got pimples on her a--!

Christina said...

I think us Republicans are giving her the boot!

I didn't see The View, but I saw replays on the news. I was shocked! Who talks to Barbara Walters like that?!?

I guess Ann got what she wanted... publicity... and I'm sure that will help her book sales. Ugh.

Sarah D said...

glad to see that Christina (the Republican voice) has no respect for Ann!!!

Collins Fam said...

I hear ya and by the way that c to the t word you can't use, we like to tell them we will C you next Tuesday!!! Remember that!