Tuesday, January 13, 2009

It Begins Tonight!!!

Will Simon be mean?
Will Paula be crazy?
Will Randy call everyone Dawg?
Will Ryan still be short?
What will the new judge be like?


Stephanie R said...

I am so pumped for tonight! I am an American Idol-holic :)

Amanda M said...

I am really excited about this, jusat hope I am able to stay out of the bathroom long enough to watch. This flu is AWFUL! No matter how mean Simon is...I still think he is H-O-T!

Christina said...

First things first... Amanda you think Simon is HOT?!? That flu must be pretty bad! ;-) j/k!

I'm super excited for tonight! Can't wait to see all the crazies at the auditions!

Sarah D said...

I'm with Amanda on the Simon thing.

He's hot!

Amanda M said...

I think its the white, grey, black shirt thing as well as the accent. YUMMO!

hncfarley said...

I watched last night and have a few burning questions. I thought Ryan was gay?? And the bikini chick was making out with him. Do we have to watch 8 two hour episodes of crazy people???? I can only take so much of that.
Ok, Simon isn't ugly, but HOT really is a stretch.
And why can't English people pronounce Kara's name??