Thursday, January 8, 2009

Saturday night out

This past Saturday night I ventured out with my date for dinner at the Hilton in Effingham with the gang before they headed to Sneaky Pete's to see P Bobs show.

The Hilton has become our groups fav place to gather for a nice dinner that always includes lots of laughs. We get a little loud and I am just waiting for Mr. Keller to tell us no thanks the next time one of us calls to make a reservation.

This was my first time out since having Harrison so I decided to celebrate with a couple of margaritas. Boy were they good. I think it had been a year since I had had an adult type beverage and I was way out of practice.
This was the guy at the table behind us that was getting a little fed up with our dinner conversation. I think the comment (and I am not sure who made it, ok it was Rick Lindemann) about a blow up doll was what sent him over the edge. (ok, it was me)
Me and my lovely date.
If only the government would recognize our love.
Maybe if we moved to Kentucky.

Rick and Amber

Chad or Jeff (I don't remember which) decided an ice cube down my shirt would help me cool off. It did! Thanks!

Amber and Jeff

Officer Fritchley and his bride

YES, it really was that funny

Jeff made a new friend.
What a great time we had! Word is Sneaky Pete's was lots of fun as well. Can't wait until our next trip to the Hilton (if they let us in!).


Ashley and Evan said...

I am so jealous and sad! :=( I can't believe we missed out on a raunch evening with all of you. Can you have Amber superimpose Evan and I into the pictures? We'll just pretend like we were there.

amberlindemann said...

ummmm, totally can do that!!!!

send me a pic of you and evan.