Monday, January 19, 2009

Fun Times at the Farley Euchre tournament

Saturday night it was brought.
The annual Farley Euchre Tourney. Good times were had by all. Lots of food, fun, and great friends. My partner, Jenny Fritchely, and I were eliminated in a nail biter in the first round of play. It is also important to note that Rick Lindemann and his partner were also eliminated in the first round. They were spanked by Jill Bierman and her partner Amber Lindemann.

Ben "Big Hands" Bierman

Me, Amanda, and Holly modeling our personalized huggies

Bitterness thy name is rice krispie treat.

Lots and lots of laughs

Partners, Amber and Jill,=a bitter, loser, rice krispie treat eating Rick Lindemann

Chad Farley modeling his new huggie

This year there was a new girl.

She did not say much or really even move on her own.
I think she was broken in to the fun quite nicely.

As usual, it was a late night filled with great times.
Melanie Herndon and Tim Farley were the champs.
Thanks so much to Holly and Chad for hosting.

I can't wait for next year!!!!!!!


hncfarley said...

Man, I had a great time! I think the dummy had fun, too. Although she didn't say much on Sunday. Anyway, thanks for the huggy.

Ashley and Evan said...

It pains me to look at all the fun we missed out on. I keep praying for the day that Evan says those magic words to me..."We're moving!" Maybe someday. :=(