Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Heidi & Harrison

Heidi L. came over last week to meet Baby Harrison.
Heidi did a very good job holding him.
She said he was heavier than he looked.

I am not even going to suggest that Heidi needs a baby brother or sister.
I will suggest that her Mother purchases a new Bitty Baby for her.
It would be so much cheaper.
Holding a heavy baby can make a girl hungry!!
Jack and Heidi dined on a nutritious lunch of
pizza rolls, chips, and chicken nuggets.
I slaved minutes over a hot microwave to create that meal.


Aubrey said...

I want some TV trays...my Grandma Ferguson used to let my brother and I use those a long time ago. I remember I used to like them, maybe Grady needs those.

Kelley L. said...

I would come over to your house every day for lunch if you'd make pizza rolls and chips...