Friday, January 9, 2009

Fun times

So far today I have been peed and pooped on!

How's it going with you??


Anonymous said...

What is it with baby boys...the second the air hits that little thingy...out it all comes!!

My girls never peed while I was changing them.

Go Figure!

Amber M said...

Well, I also got pooped on today (at work that is, with one of the babies.)

Other than that it is a good day.....since it is Friday.

Happy Heart Princess said...

what a cute fun website - just in case you might be interested - here I am a 66 year old grandmother and buying and changing diapers again. A precious little 15 year old schnauzer was left on my doorstep last fall - and she doesn't quite understand the "we go outside to go potty" issue - so here I am again - diapers!!! I've even become an authority on which diapers are the best!