Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Snuggie is modeled

In case you have not heard (or read),
Rick purchased Snuggie blankets for Rebekah and Amber.
Everybody wants one.
Word on the street is all the cool kids will be wearing them in '09. I took these pics of Holly Farley modeling Amber's Snuggie Friday night.
My pics are in no way even close to the quality that Amber would post on her blog so, I had to share them here. know you want it


Jill said...

Too funny!!
I am almost to ashamed to admit this, but my husband really wants one. Do they have a support group for this....?

Sarah B. said...

I got one for Christmas from my Mom..and my best friend came over and I found out she got one from her is the cool thing of the

Jamee said...

I will have one, just as soon as Alco gets it's new shipment of "as seen on TV" items.

studduck00 said...

After seeing Holly model, I think I want one. According to Uncle Bob(my son), I think I am the right age.

Sarah D said...

I have to add that the "Snuggie" I have pictured (not the one Holly is modeling) is actually a SLANKET, SNUGGIE's uppity cousin.

Adelaine said...

My oldest daughter so wants one of these!! I have g'ma-in-law that loves to give "As Seen On TV" gifts and I was so holding out for one of these!!! Sadly it was not to be :( Very cute!

Ashley and Evan said...

It was very chilly here last night and I was wishing I had one of these soooo bad! No more excuses. I am ordering one this week. Maybe all of us girls could get together and have a Snuggie's party!

Kelley L. said...

Seeing as mine is Newton Eagle Blue, I'll be wearing it on the 50 yard line next football season.

Go Eagles!