Tuesday, March 31, 2009

To the point. With a bullet

  • Crocs are not good shoes to wear in the IGA parking lot when it is/has been raining.
  • Jack has taken to throwing what I like to call "dramatic fits" (this sounds better to me than tantrums), his new thing is to yell "CURSE YOU" in the middle of his hysterics.
  • I have been getting a little more sleep. Harrison is sleeping fairly well. Jack on the other hand has been up a lot with leg aches. I just assume they are growing pains and must REALLY hurt.
  • I am SO looking forward to the Real Housewives of NYC tonight. It has become my new favorite show. Think Bravo would do a Real Housewives of Jasper County? I just know that I am destined to star in some sort of a reality tv program.
  • Football t-shirts have been ordered (for the Athletic Boosters)! We will have them for sale at the Fish Fry in June. I am really excited about them. I think they are my fav out of all that we have ever done.
  • I forgot what a pain feeding a baby was. Harrison has been eating just in the evenings, but I really think he is about ready to eat in the morning and or at lunch. I am going to try to put that off as long as I can. It is just SO messy.
  • Yo Gabba Gabba is a pretty decent show.
  • I was saddened to hear that Raymell Taylor died. I hope she is in heaven with Roscoe eating some KY Fried.
  • I have a new poll topic, suggested to me by a reader. I am working on it and hope to get it up soon.
  • The purse business is going VERY well. http://www.sarahsellz.blogspot.com/ --it's my blog and I will give it a plug if I want to! Sometimes it seems like the purses are sold as soon as the man in brown drops them off. I've started getting busier with people booking parties. I am trying to space them out and only do a few every month.
  • Jack and I are going to Chicago this weekend to stay with my Aunt Patty and do some "Chicago stuff". I'm excited to get away even for a few days. Jack is so excited to go to Chicago. I really did not feel comfortable driving with Jack and Harrison so, Baby Harry is going to stay with his Aunt Shell and Uncle Jason. Harry is excited about his mini vaca. I feel bad about leaving him, but I know he will be fine.
  • I really wish I would just go ahead and win the lottery so I could get that fountain soda machine and Freeze style ice machine installed in my house.
  • Supper is already started. Beef and noodles. Yum-o
  • Madonna is getting another kid, wonder why she just didn't try to buy one from the octo-mom?


Amanda M said...

Nick LOVES Yo Gabba Gabba. I recently found out DJ Lance is a St. Louisan. He frequents one of the tattoo shops on the landing...the one where I plan to get my next tattoo in hopes of running in to him.

Julia McD said...

Real Housewives of Jasper County...now THAT would be a show!!!

I am laughing so hard about "KY Fried"....that I am crying! I haven't thought about that in YEARS!!! Thanks for that memory!

Sara B. said...

You just crack me up!!! I just love to read your blog. I really like the bullet reading.

Aubrey said...

We got some ESP goin on today...beef and noodles at the Bergbower ranch too!

Tracie said...

Glad you are finally getting some sleep.

Maddie is scared to death of Yo Gabba Gabba.

Rock on Real Housewives of NYC chicks...MINUS Smelly Kelly.

I WANT one of those NCHS T's. Lemme know how much and I'll put a check in the mail. Actually, shoot me an email with the sizes and IF you have kids sizes. I may just want to outfit my whole fam. You never know when a certain family might pack up everything and move home. You just never know!

hncfarley said...

What is Yo Gagga Gagga?
Hate feeding babies, I know seems harsh, but true.
I really am mad at the Countess, please, get over yourself? Who goes on a date and whispers seductively and plays games! Like Betheny but don't loose more weight you are starting to resemble a bobble head doll.
I too have often thought about the Real Housewives of JC, why wouldn't we be just as interesting?
Chicago will be so fun!

Kelley L. said...

I am seriously sad that Raymell died...one more little piece of Jasper County uniqueness that it gone forever.

KY Fried forever