Friday, March 27, 2009

The short trip to Crazytown

The good news is for the second night in a row the annoying noise (never did figure out exactly what it was) has been absent.
The bad news is I am at the end of my rope.
I am getting no sleep. I quit counting the number of time Harrison got up last night.
He was stuffed up and not able to sleep.
Around 3 am when I had slept about a total of an hour I gave in and just put him in his swing to sleep.
He slept, but Jack woke me up at 5:30.
Cliff has been working 12 hour days for about a month. Since then I have been away from my kids for about a total of 5 hours. I am including in that time the few minutes I have ran to pick up a pizza at Joe's before Cliff went to work.
At some point somethings gonna have to give.
Because it makes me feel better, here's a little something that always brightens my day.

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Dora Jo said...

The noise has stopped Sarah, because I am moving.....DUH!