Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Harrison is 16 weeks old!

Harrison is 16 weeks old today. Time sure has flown by. He is growing and changing everyday.
Harrison in his new exersaucer.

Last week I started giving Harrison cereal in the evenings.
He had not slept through the night since he was born and even though it is no fun getting up at night, I knew we would be ok. Jack has always been an awful sleeper and even though Harrison might get up 2 or three times a night, it still seemed like he was sleeping much better than Jack did when he was a baby. I just thought I would try out the cereal (even though it is obvious the boy is not starving!) to see what happened and he really seemed to like it. He has been sleeping SO much better and even slept through the night a few nights since he has started eating cereal. Next veggies!

It sure makes a mess!
We head for the bathtub as soon as supper time is over!

What a sweetie!


Christina said...

Harrison's beautiful smile makes my ovaries hurt. ;-) He is sooo gosh darn cute! I especially love the pic of him with cereal down the front of himself!

Ashley and Evan said...

The cereal photo is hilarious! Harrison and I would be good table partners. That's usually what I look like after consuming a meal.

Miss Ashley said...

SUPER CUTE! I can not believe how big he has gotten. I cant wait to see him this summer.

Have a great day.

Lots of Love from Alaska! :)

Anonymous said...

I just wanna squeeze his cheeks. He definitely looks like a satisfied little boy.