Saturday, March 21, 2009

As seen on TV

With a new baby, lots of nights I am up in the wee hours giving Baby Harry a bottle etc. I usually turn on the TV. I am somewhat embarrassed to admit that lots of times I watch FOX "News". That Bill O'Reilly....he so crazy.

I have also been known to watch an infomercial or two late at night. I get sucked in. Whatever the product is, I need it. I need it badly. It always looks magical and amazing. Billy Mays is somewhat of a legend in my mind. I have developed a small crush on that SHAM-WOW guy. As soon as I get that steam cleaner my house will be spotless and sanitary!

I found this website that gives you more info on the "as seen on tv" products.

On of my favs, the CRICUT, gets very high marks. I love the infomercial for this product. Think of all I could do with it. Scrapbooking, glass etching, calendar making, greeting cards, this machine is amazing.

I don't need it. Would never use it.

If you have one can I come over and play with it?


Browningblog said...

I have one, I actually have the cricut expression, which is the 12inch wide one. I used it today as a matter of fact, and yes, you are more than welcome to come over and play with it, the bad thing aren't the first to ask!

hncfarley said...

That Billy Mays could sell a ketchup popsicle to an Eskimo wearing white gloves.

Sarah D said...


I think I fall in love with you a little more each day ;)

You have to post some info about your cricut on your blog! With pics please. I wanna see what you do with it!

hnc---mmmmmmmmmm ketchup popsicle

Browningblog said...

LOL A lot of what I mainly scrapbook and make cards and presents. Wait until after Saturday and I will post a few pictures of my latest project, it is a gift for a shower and I know the girl reads the blogs.

Christina said...

I do not have one, but REALLY want one. Not sure if it'd get it's use. A girl at school brought it in to use on a group project and it was soooo cool!