Saturday, March 21, 2009


The "should marijuana be legalized" poll is closed. It was close. 52% voted no and 47% voted yes (that does not add up to 100, but the computer usually knows what it is doing, or perhaps my computer has been smoking some illegal mary jane).

Anyhoo, I voted yes. Personally I think it should be legalized. Everything I read shows me that marijuana is less addictive than nicotine and safer to use than alcohol (you certainly don't hear of people overdosing on marijuana at a frat party).

Why not make it legal and let the cash strapped federal and state governments take their cut from the sales?

That's my take, I still would love to hear yours.

I love a survey.
I love a hot topic survey even more!
This was fun so I am going to do it again, I just have to decide on the topic. I have had lots of suggestions (not really sure how you do a survey on e-mail hacking, what kind of a douchebag thinks that kind of heinous crime is ok?, but I appreciate the suggestion), so as soon as I settle on something topical the survey will be posted.


Sarah D said...





hncfarley said...

I that a noun or a verb? Is this post backed by Webster?

Sarah D said...

Webster as in the small black actor Emmanuel Lewis? I am sure he would approve.