Monday, March 23, 2009

Jack and Harrison

Here's Jack yesterday afternoon in an outfit pretty much of his own making. The orange shirt that he wore to church and wanted to leave on. The khaki socks that he wore with his church shoes. The yellow crocs, they are getting a little tight. We may need to get a new pair.
A Newton Eagles shirt.
Pretty much everyday someone in our house has on some sort of Newton Eagles apparel.
Harrison's friend Hannah just got back from Spring Break in Florida and
brought him this super cool bib.

We started on the orange veggies a few nights ago.
I had to take off the new bib for fear of turning it orange with Harry's carrots!
I think he likes them.

Honestly, I am not sure if he is even getting any in his mouth!


~Hannah~ said...

Snack Pack--Future SB hottie :)

Luke's Folks said...

Your lil' eagles are cute as can be. Jack is a little version of you!

Where are you finding the latest Jon & Kate gossip? Can't find where you heard Jon was cheating on Kate, or where you got that pic of their new house. Thanks.