Monday, March 2, 2009

Damn you Jenny McCarthy!

Tomorrow Baby H has his first set of shots.

I am fearful and that fear is worse because of one person. That person is Jenny McCarthy. She's funny, she's cute, Oprah loves her, she dates Jim Carrey. She also has a son who "was" autistic until Jenny kind of "cured" him. I have read her books. She thinks there is a direct connection between autism and immunizations and she makes a pretty good case for it (she's not the only one who thinks this, trying to research it through the U of Google will make your head spin) I have read lots of other information saying that she is wrong. The CDC says she is wrong. My pediatrician says she is wrong. The overwhelming majority of the medical profession as a whole say she is wrong.

But have any of them appeared in Playboy??????

I'm sure I will be taking Harrison to get his shots tomorrow.

The entire time I will be thinking about Jenny McCarthy.


Browningblog said...

I have such a hard time with this, I am very thankful that this scare wasn't around when Robert had all of his shots. I guess, because I don't have a personal stake in it, I am very skeptical. I can't believe that millions of kids have immunizations every day and in a select few, it causes autismn. It honestly doesn't make sense but I know it has to make the world scarier when you have a baby.

He will be fine Sarah, deep down inside you know that. Good luck with the shots though, you may have a cranky one on your hands for a day or two!

Michelle F said...

If it makes you feel any better, the scientist that started this whole vaccines/autism link was recently proven to have doctored his research. Still, he was never in playboy....

Tracie said...

Jenny is hottttt.

Volkman's said...

i understand completely!! Reese had an allergic reaction to her 18 month MMR shot,,which brought signs of autism,,by the grace of God it was only a reaction,,,but the scare is still there...and will be for this next one too... what do you do though? damned if you do damned if you don't..i will be praying for you..:)