Monday, March 2, 2009

RHI RHI, what are you thinking?

Word on the street is that Rhianna is back together with Chris Brown.

What's the old saying? Fool me once shame on you....

Next time he punches you, beats you, bites you, don't come crying to me.

Perhaps in ten years or so Rhianna will get her story made into a Lifetime movie. They could call it Disturbia under my umbrella.

Even better, years from now her story will be turned into a motion picture. It worked out really well for Tina Turner.

On that note, turn up your speakers and enjoy one of my all time favs by Miss Tina and her ex-husband, IKE---another woman beating bastard.


Amber M said...

I heard a rumor that she was pregnant, not sure how true it is though. I do agree, she needs to just stay away from him.

Julia McD said...

Yeah, I heard that she was "apparently" back with him...some women are just dumb, dumb, dumb!