Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Jon and Kate, Screech Owls, and bed wetting

This is gonna be a rambler.....

I think I told you Cliff was working 7 days a week, 12 hours a day, 7 pm-7am. No days off for at least two months. It really is starting to wear on all of us.

Last night was one of those nights. Our friends Jamee, Emily, and Hayden came over to play. Jack, who loves Emily and asks for her to come over constantly, was less than a gracious host. I was embarrassed by his behavior. He was tired (still not an excuse) because he had been up coughing the night before.

Jack went to bed about 7:45. Harrison was still up. He and I had big plans to watch the Season Finale of Jon and Kate Plus 8 together. After going in to check to see what Jack wanted 4 or 5 times---oh yeah, he is sleeping in bed with me. judge away, I deserve it, but I don't have the energy at this point to make him sleep in his own bed---he finally went to sleep.

Harrison went to sleep about 8:30ish and Jack woke up crying/coughing for the first time. Got him back to sleep. Realized I had forgotten to eat supper. Started to eat, Jack wakes up again. Calm him down. Finish supper and Jon and Kate. Now I am crying because I feel so bad for Jon, it was obvious he was hurting, perhaps wanted to stop filming the show yet once again Kate only cares about her tanned self. She was happy with her life now so why should it matter if Jon was not.

Jack wakes up again. Calm him down.

Had to put pics of new purses on the purse website---they are super cute, check them out www.sarahsellz.blogspot.com

Did I mention that a few nights ago I started hearing something sort of beeping/screeching/bird/car alarm/no clue what it is sound at night? Last night was no exception. I deduced that it was not a car alarm. I think that a noise that hideous and annoying can only be caused by an animal that looks like THIS...........

Jack wakes up coughing and crying.

Jack wakes up again. He hears the screeching/beeping noise and announces that that bird is really annoying.

FINALLY get the purse stuff done.

Jack wakes up again. Calm him down and go to bed. Finally got to sleep around 12:30.

3:30 Harrison wakes up. Has peed through his sleeper, change him, change his bed. Give Harry a bottle.

4:45 back to bed for me. The bed is wet, I though Jack was REALLY sweating. He was not. He had peed the bed. Change him, change the bed. Realize that Jack now has fever and make the decision that he will not be going to school. Try to get back to sleep, it is hard with screeching/beeping noise.

7:30 Cliff gets home. He thinks the animal is a Screech Owl. I say it's not. I listened to a screech owl from a bird sound website.

It is not as annoying as my animal and way cuter.


Anonymous said...

Oh man, I hope Jack gets to feeling better soon. I hate nights with no sleep. Makes for some pretty grouchy days. (Maddie sleeps with us alot.) And the other morning I woke up to Bruce tapping on my shoulder asking if I was gonna get outta the "pee bed". I had no clue what he was talking about until I was fully awake. Maddie peed in the bed...MY BED...while I was still asleep in it. My PJ's were actually wet!!!!!!! I slept through it all. Oh well. I guess it's all a part of mommy-hood. (gross!)

Jon and Kate: I feel sorry for Jon as well. Kate has such an "I don't really care what you think...cuz I love my life" attitude. I had missed a few episodes, but caught up last night. Wow! Tell me "the celebrity" hasn't gotten to her!! Whatever. I think her personality is way different than last season.

Screeching Owl: Maybe if you get Jack the b-b gun Bruce thinks he needs, he can shoot the stupid bird!

Sorry for writing a book.

Betsy R said...

I felt bad for Jon last night. Was it me or was there tension in the air? I use to like Kate, but now not so much, guess Josh was right about her..she is a b.

Amber M said...

Wow, that is all I can say. I'm so sorry about your crazy night.

hncfarley said...

Wow, sure does suck to be you. I sure would not have been crying for Jon, but for myself!!If It is one thing I am sick of is changing pee beds. We even buy the expensive overnight huggies and Luke still pees through. Maybe you should try that.
Sorry Tracie....
I am sorry you had a bad night.
I haven't watch J&K for awhile and tried to catch up a bit over the week-end. She is almost to much for me to take. It was the appliance episode. She is so full of herself and so disrespectful to Jon. I agree with whoever said that she was different last season. I used to think she was funny but now just think she sucks.