Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Lots going on, nothing going on.

Using the bullet point feature that my pal Tracie loves.

  • Harrison is 16 weeks old today. I have lots of pictures of him that I will post later in the day.
  • Cliff is working 12 hours a day, 7 days a week. Nights. It sucks. He is going to be doing it for another month and a half. He is not getting enough sleep, I am not getting enough sleep.
  • How blind do you think the blind guy on American Idol really is? I noticed he did not seem to have that much of a problem following along with the group dance last week. I'm just sayin'..........
  • I am fairly certain that Glenn Beck of Fox "News" is certifiably crazy. Exhibit A: the sneakers with the suit. Exhibit B: all the fake tears.
  • I am thinking about purchasing the at-home defibrillator kit I keep seeing on TV. You just never know when you will need one.
  • I did not know the Snuggy came in animal prints!
  • Harrison was up 3 times last night. Jack was up twice. I feel like that in some way will justify the Puerto Vallarta that I plan to eat for lunch.
  • What's up with that Megan chick on American Idol? Is she just quirky?
  • I sure wish I lived in Ward 1 so I could vote for Rick Lindemann.
  • 2 of the Octo-babies came home yesterday.
  • Do you think Jon really is cheating on Kate?
  • Oprah is wearing her hair straight. I don't love it.
  • Jack is star student this week. Today he gets to bring home the class pet (stuffed monkey), I hope he likes Mexican food.
  • I love Keith Olberman.
  • I kind of wish I had not quit watching ER
  • The man in brown is bringing purses today.
  • I have been eating wayyyyyy to much cookie dough.
  • The new pool liner is ordered. Nice days like these make me excited that we will have a pool this summer.
  • President Obama is on Leno tomorrow night. I thought he seemed more like a Letterman kind of Presdent.


Anonymous said...

Cracking me up today.

I feel your pain with Cliff's job schedule. Man, I don't miss those days. Although...I'm sure you can think of a few items you'd like to purchase with all that extra cash!!

Snuggies comes in animal prints??????

Christina said...

Love the list! :-)
Now, I'm hungry... for Mexican... thanks! ;-)

hncfarley said...

Who is Keith Olberman??

Jamee said...

The blind guy is milking the blindness.
Going for Mexican manana (sp?) without my hubby.
Megan on American Idol, can't watch her and her twist dancing. But I do feel bad for her having influenza B
I am voting for Mr. Lindemann.
I have eaten my weight in chocolate this week, the Vodka killed me this weekend and I still have the munchies.
I am susprised about Mr. President too, maybe it is a way to reach across the aisle?