Friday, February 15, 2008

Jack's new car seat

A few months ago I posted a super sad video that drove home the point of how important a car seat with a 5 point harness is for kids over 40 pounds.
Since Jack is knocking on the 40 pound door,
it was way past time to get him into a new car seat.
I spent hours and hours looking and researching different seats
and finally settled on the one pictured above.
The Kinkade family are the proud new owners of.........

I am pretty impressed with this seat. It offers a 5 point harness for kids up to 65 pounds and after that, it can be used with a seat belt and the back removes to become a backless booster. Best of all, it has a cup holder! Jack really likes that a lot. He thinks it is a holder for his little bouncy balls.

I posted what I like to call the "sad car seat video" one more time. Honestly if I had not seen it I probably would not have known how important it was to keep Jack in a 5 point harnessed seat.

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Christina said...

Graco needs to make seats for adults! That thing looks so comfy! :-)