Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Save the rabbits

Seen on the side of a van (along with one of those stick people decals that represent how many people are in your family and a Jesus fish):

I got to wondering, what are they rescuing the rabbits from?
A life spent inside a magician's top hat?
A once loved 4-H champion rabbit that is past his prime and been put out to pasture?
Or perhaps a rabbit that is in an abusive relationship and just can't get out. I can just imagine the rabbit in the grocery store pushing her cart, wearing sunglasses to cover the bruises and some lady comes up to her and gives the HARE Rescue card, telling her that there is a way out.


Aubrey said...

We saved our bunny, Hocus Pocus, from scientific research. Maybe that's what she meant?

Ashley and Evan said...

Maybe you should make some "Save the HARE t-shirts". I bet they would sell like hotcakes!