Friday, October 23, 2009

1 down, two to go

Do you remember our fish? Rocky and the twins, Jed and Julie?

Yesterday Julie passed away. Jack noticed her floating on the bottom of the tank. I noticed Rocky nudging her like he might eat her. I had supicions that Julie was pregnant. She was in a tank with two male fish and yadda yadda, you know what happens. I fear that she may have died during chilbirth.

We immediatly scooped Julie out and gave her a proper send off in our bathroom.

Julie's passing got me to thinking about The Cosby Show and the episode where Rudy's fish dies and they hold a funeral for her fish. Vanessa wore a black leotard and tights. I tried to find that clip on You Tube and was unsuccessful, instead I found this little gem. I kind of think Julie would have wanted it this way.

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Ashley and Evan said...

One of my favorite episodes! May Julie R.I.P.