Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Jack's new pet

10 days ago Cliff brought home over 50 goldfish (technically they were not goldfish, but lots of them were orange) to use as bait for his river fishing trip. I thought it was a little barbaric and felt pretty sorry for the fish. Some of them were pretty large. I immediately suggested that we build a fish pond. I guess that takes a little more work and preparation than I realized. The fish were doomed. There lives would end on the Embarras. Except for one. Cliff told Jack he could keep one. He choose the one that he said had the longest tail (and does not look like a goldfish). Jack named him Rocky.


Cliff ended up coming home with a few unused fish and Jack got to choose two more.
We now have Rocky and his brother and sister, the twins--Jed and Julie.
10 days and $50.00 spent at Wal-Mart on a fish tank and supplies later, they are shockingly still alive. Jack does a pretty good job of feeding them and reminds me that it is "his responsibility". Cleaning the fish tank must be my responsibility.

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