Sunday, November 2, 2008

Cooling Off

The polls are closed and the majority of you keep your thermostats set on 70-72 degrees. My household was in the minority of those that keep their thermostats set on 75 degrees or higher.

I showed Cliff the results and told him about some of the insightful comments that I received and he has agreed to try it at a lower temp!
OH HAPPY DAY!! Baby Chuck Chuck may not be sleeping in a puddle of his own sweat!

Mindy Browning who works for the ERBA LIHEAP program suggested this website for more info.

Thanks to all those who voted.


Browningblog said...

Thanks for the plug Sarah! I am planning on blogging some of my favorite tips in the next few days. Andrew and I are actually doing an energy audit off the site in the morning, we'll see how that goes! (After we vote of course!!! Did you know I GET THE ENTIRE DAY off to vote?? Isn't that cool??)

aczumbahlen said...

CONGRATS on your hopefully not temporary, cooler living environment!