Monday, November 3, 2008

Remember your first time

Tomorrow is the day. Election day 2008. What many are saying (and I completely agree) is the most important election of our lifetime. By now you have surely decided who you are going to vote for. Some of you may have decided not to vote. You may be thinking that the election is over, we already know who the winner is, our state is already placed in the blue column on the map, we are not a "battleground" state, so what's the point? You may be so sick of all of the election related news that tomorrow you just want to climb in a hole and hide.

I ask you to think about this......

Remember your first time.
This is my cousin Kaitlin Diel.
You may know her as Miss Kaitlin from Amber's blog.
Kaitlin turned 18 a couple of months ago.
For her turning 18 was not about being able to buy cigarettes or porn
(although important purchases to make),
for her being 18 meant that she was going to get to vote in her first election.
She's excited.
She is part of the democratic process.
Registering and voting is an important right of passage for her.
Tomorrow is Kaitlin's first time.
Pretend like it's yours.
Get excited.
We live in a country where people are waiting over 8 hours in line to vote-- how amazing is that? This election is that important.
So for Kaitlin Diel and all of the other virgin voters out there, enjoy your first time, there's nothing like it. You won't forget that this was the first election you voted in. You are part of history. Let's all be part of history.


Dora Jo said...

Sarah, I am so excited for these young people. Austin gets to vote as well! Kinda makes me sad though, to think these "kids" are old enough to vote:) Happy Election Eve!

Amber M said...

I just wanted to let you know that I am happy to be a voter. I think all people should vote, because it is their right. More so even the women, because we had to fight for that right.

so have fun voting tomorrow Sarah, I know that you are more than ready!!!