Friday, November 14, 2008

A change in plans

My c-section has been scheduled for the Friday after Thanksgiving for months. I had it all planned out in my head, when I would leave that morning, what we would do with Jack, when I would come home, etc, etc.

Yesterday my Dr's office called about 2ish. The nurse informed me that my Dr has decided to go out of town for Thanksgiving and we needed to reschedule. I cried. I was so upset that my plans were changing (even though most people have no idea when their baby will arrive)and that what I had in my head was now not working out. She gave me less than two hours to call her back and choose between two different dates. I tried to call Cliff at work about 20 times and could not get a hold of him so, the decision was up to me.

As of now, I am having a c-section the day before Thanksgiving. I will know for sure on Tuesday if that is a for sure thing or not. If not, we will go with the Monday after Thanksgiving.

I am not worried at all about missing the Thanksgiving meal. I have already had plenty of offers to bring me food, I also figure that Papa Johns or some pizza place will be open and I may just want pizza for Thanksgiving.

Keep your fingers crossed for me that things work out. I know as long as Baby Chuck Chuck is healthy and eventually given a name, all will be good.


Tracie said...

Why don't you talk them into the Monday BEFORE Thanksgiving...cuz that is MY birthday?!?!?!

Sugar Sweet Thoughts said...

Baby Chuck Chuck is almost here! YAY! :-)

Hang in there on the change of plans situation. I know it really sucks bc you had it all planned out. But, for some reason or another... it's supposed to happen on a different day. :-)

hncfarley said...

If you go with December 1st, your baby Chuckles will never share it's birthday with a holiday. Maybe a sinister movie, but never a holiday...