Monday, November 17, 2008


My blog is getting ready to receive it's 100,000th visitor.

Check the hit counter (scroll down on the right hand side of the screen) to see what number you are.

Leave me a comment if you are the 100,000th visitor and I will give you a super fab prize.

Since lots of my visitors are lurkers and have no blogger account or won't leave comments, leave me one if you are visitor #100,001 - 100,010 and I'll see how it turns out.

Tomorrow my celebratory 100,000th hit post!!!


clkocher said...


clkocher said...


Amy said...

Hey Sarah - I'm the proud and faithful viewer 100,003!!!! - (ps - I'm lovin the giraffe bag!)

Sarah D said...

YEA Courtney!!!

I already have a gift to send to you that just arrived in the mail today!

I'll make sure you get something else for being my 100,001 visitor.

Sarah D said...


A special prize will be coming your way! It is only fitting that you are number 100,003!! I know you have been a loyal reader for a very long time!!

Tracie said...

Dang It!


Oh well!

clkocher said...

Thanks Sarah!!! Very exciting!!!!

Rebekah said...

100,027 What's my prize ? this is Jeremy !!!!!!!!

LMeyer said...

You know I am one of your blog stalker. I am #100034. I would Blog but I am trying for a boaring life. :-)

LMeyer said...

You know I am a Blog Stalker. I would do my own but I am working on a boaring life.
I was # 100034.

Amber M said...

Congrats on 100,000!!!!!!
Way to go, that is awesome!!
I still don't have a hit counter on my page, oh well.

Hope all is going well with you. Can't wait for Baby Chuck Chuck's arrival and can't wait to find out what you name

Take care.

hncfarley said...

Must be an enormous amount of lookers or Sarah who keeps going to look for more comments....:)
I was 100,051.

Cant Hardly Wait said...

Go you! I don't have a hit counter, but if I did, i'm sure the number would be somewhere in the ballpark of 4.