Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pregnancy update

19 days to go! It's almost here. The end of the pregnancy road.

I'm tired. It's hard to sleep. Suddenly, I am famished and just can't get enough to eat. Perhaps I will make up for all of the weight I have not gained at the beginning of my pregnancy, at the end.

Jack has realized that we can't name the baby Chuck Chuck. He has suggested Megan numerous times. Fine name, for a GIRL! He got out the baby name book the other day and had me read him a few names. He settled on GUNTHER and has been going with that for the past few days. Honestly, Gunther is not sooo bad, but my friend Jeff Z. had a dog named Gunther and I know that is all I would ever think of. So, Gunther is out. After this week, I would not mind naming him Barack or Obama, but I don't think Cliff will go for that. We do have more ideas and I am hopeful that we may even have a name when I go into the hospital!

I got a diaper bag so poor Baby Chuck Chuck (really, he is always going to be called that isn't he?) won't get sent home with his belongings in a Wal-Mart sack. I will post a picture of it soon.

I am getting very nervous about the impending c-section. The first time around I did not know what I was getting into. This time I know what I am in for and I am more than a little scared.

In the end, it will all be worth it. Baby Chuck Chuck will be here soon!

by the way, this baby seems to be very active later in the evening (when I am ready for bed), does anyone remember/think this means I am going to be giving birth to a night owl?


jodi said...

Just so you know - I was in the same situation with my kids: 1st time unexpected C-section & 2nd scheduled. It was way better the 2nd time, just a little more nervous. best of luck - you'll do great!

Karla K said...

Hi Sarah! You are getting so close - hang in there. I felt the same way about my repeat C-sections. The first time around you didn't have time to think about it or worry. The second time I was much more nervous because I knew what was happening. In the end the second time was much easier though because I knew what to expect in recovery and how much I could handle afterwards. Plus I was rested and hadn't just been in labor for 20 hours before the C-section. Try not to worry about it and just tell yourself that you've done it before - you're a pro! I would highly recommend a pain med (don't remember the name of it) that they put in my spinal block right after the surgery that was supposed to control pain for the next 24 hours - it was awesome!

Ashley and Evan said...

I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to meet baby Chuck Chuck!

Volkman's said...

I can't help you with the c-section thing,, only after going in Thurs night, having a baby Fri. night,, I was wishing they would have just cut me open and taken her...:) And yes,, Reese ALWAYS was active @ night.. She is a night owl and a bad sleeper. Good luck!! :) ;)

hncfarley said...

My babies were all active at night. I think that is normal, they sleep during the day while you are active then when things calm down, they wake up. Cole was a disaster(colic) and a bad sleeper, he did get better though. Ross was a dream and Luke was absoulute heaven so think positive. I think they get better with each pregnancy(Karla would
disagree). I can't believe you are so close, it went fast for me.

Miss Ashley said...

Wow, baby Chuck Chuck will be here before we all know it. Cant wait to see pictures.
Good luck with everything.
lots of love from Alaska.

Browningblog said...

Hey Sarah, offereing up my 2 cents. My first c-section was planned, actually they told me on Friday they were doing it on Monday morning, I had never so much as had stitches so nervous was an understatement, then to top it off, we were several hundred miles away from our families. It all worked out perfectly though, and yours will too. Robert was always active of a morning, when I was trying to get ready to go to work. I guess it held true because he was sleeping from 11p-4a in the first week. He still thinks his friends are crazy for staying up all night! You may be in for some late nights!

Amanda M said...

Nick was always active right before bedtime and when he was born would not sleep at night. Just remember every baby is different. How was Jack as a baby? I know it was very hard to get Nick in a routine, but once we did it was like heaven! Cant wait to see little Chuck Chuck~

Tracie said...

Ugh...I thought I had already left you a comment on this post. Dang it. It was, of course, very profound!! Oh well.

I don't really remember with Jenna, but the other 3 were very active at night. It was extremely difficult for me to get a good night's sleep.

Now -

Karsyn and Maddie are both night owls...and require very little sleep.

Parker LOVES to sleep. There are nights when we think he is in his room playing, but when we go to check on him he has already gotten himself ready for bed and is fast at 6 or 7. Go Figure.

I agree with Holly. Think positive. You are about to have a cute, warm, fuzzy little baby boy to snuggle!!!