Monday, June 1, 2009

You voted and.........

The overwhelming majority of you think it is time
for Jon and Kate to live camera free for the sake of the kids.
Check out the hottie Kate
(with the high belly button-that's where the put it during her tummy tuck).
Anyway, those who think they should stop filming should send a message by not watching. If enough people do that, the show will have no reason to be on.
Thanks for voting!
We'll do another one soon.


Jamee said...

Yeah, no amount of crunches can take a belly that housed 6 kids for 9 monthes and make it look that good. But, not saying I wouldn't have done the same thing. Is she open about the work she has had done?

Christina said...

Here belly button looks weird.

Ashley and Evan said...

So is it wrong that I voted to take the show off the air and the went ahead and set up TiVo to tape it?

Tracie said...

jamee, i think she is pretty open about the tummy-tuck. they talked about it on the show back when she first had it done. and i agree, i probably would've done the same thing.

however, i don't think i'd be prancing around in a bikini b/c i do agree with christina...her belly button just looks weird. placement maybe...just odd.