Saturday, June 20, 2009


This Monday. A very special Jon and Kate Plus 8.
They have an announcement.
If you pay attention to any sort of Internet information websites (which I do),
all signs point to D-I-V-O-R-C-E.
Watching older episodes they really did seem happy.
Sure, Kate is a total bitch, but that's her thing.
I don't know anyone who has that many children (6 of them being the same age to boot), but I can only imagine that the stress could leave anyone a little bitchy.
Jon was Jon. Taking what was dished out. It seemed to work for them.
They seemed happy. They were just fine in the house that Kate said was TOO small.
They got more famous. They made more money.
And, as Kate got tanner and her hair got spikier in the back and longer in the front on just one side, it seemed that Jon's balls got smaller and smaller.
Perhaps Kate should have went back and watched herself in an episode from Season 3 and listen to herself say this:
We the people of the Gosselin Family
do dedicate ourselves to telling others about God's love.
We establish these two basic principles:
1. Love and honor God and others.
2. Be thankful for our blessings.
"The one that I knew had to be on there was we have always said, although it hasn't been on a mission statement, we will never put other things before our family. That is very important to us."
- Kate Gosselin, 04/21/2008"
I almost feel like I should say I will not watch anymore.
That it is enough.
That's really what I should do.
I won't. I will keep watching.
Jack really liked watching the "kid show". I really enjoyed watching it with him.
Now, not so much.
At least we still have Family Guy.


♥Jacqueline♥ said...

It's sad what fame can do to people. Especially money. Tears people apart. And they're the ones guilty of it getting to them. Greed is nasty. Maybe they'll surprise us. I hope it isn't a publicity stunt.

Ashley and Evan said...

Just finished watching the show and I cried. It makes me sad to see people divorce. With a little work it seems like these two could resolve their differences but apparently that's not happening. Jon has totally checked out. I actually felt a little sorry for Kate because I believe she wants her family together. I guess we'll see what happens.