Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Websites, books, and a camper

I laughed, I cried.
Check out this website.

One item at a time at a really great price.
So far I have gotten Harrison two pairs of shoes, a baby sling, and two really cool bibs.
Amazing stuff at great prices.

Do you Pandora????
Amber told me about this months ago and I don't know why I did not RUN to my computer.
It's so easy a douchebag could do it.


In other news.
It's not for me.
Cliff is working far enough from home and so many hours
that driving was just not working.
He will stay in the camper the majority of the week
while I tend to matters (go crazy) here at home.

It's a pretty nice camper.
Jack thinks it is the coolest thing ever.
It only has two beds but shockingly sleeps twenty.
Even the frig pulls out and makes into a bed.

(that part's a joke)


jlmichl2 said...

I don't know y...but, all I can think of is thoses stupid caveman commercials now. (u know where they get all offened?)
Wonder if all the douchebags are offended now??? lmao!!

jlmichl2 said...

apparently i live in the stone-age...i had no idea about i checked it out.......LOVE IT, where has this been all my life!!!