Sunday, June 28, 2009


Jack's ball season is half over (thank God).

The magic pants and shoes arrived before the first game. I was fairly certain that once Jack had all his gear on he would play at a 5th grade level at the very least.

Stupidly I did not try the pants or shoes on Jack before game day. The pants were too small. Really, really tight around the stomach. I made him wear them anyway. The shoes were also on the small side and really hard to get on with his black baseball socks. I made him wear them anyway.

He did look cute
(no one said looking good comes easy)
unlike the rest of his outfit, his Bee's hat was on the large side

The first time on base.

Heading for second....

A much needed break after that long run.
Back in the game.......

Jack says he likes playing ball.
His favorite part seems to be the free soda at the "session" stand after the game.
I did purchase Jack another pair of pants. The next pair were way too big.
We gave up and I have just been letting him wear shorts.
Just wait until next year when Jack has a uniform that really fits.
He will be so good that if there were crying allowed in baseball, you would cry.

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