Monday, June 8, 2009

My boys

Harrison has mastered sitting up.
Cliff so graciously pointed out that
he has a pretty wide area on his bottom to hold him up.

Jack and I went to the Farley's for some F-U-N
one day last week.
Jack showed up in his very favorite shirt and Cole ran to put his matching one on.
Ross Farley is not a joiner!
He did his own thing and put on a
Transformer shirt.

Zoey Michl (daughter of Jill) giving Baby Harry some
love at the Strawberry Festival.
I LOVE this picture.
I cannot resist a matching outfit.

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Luke's Folks said...

You know I am ALL about the matching outfits! Meet us at the WSL next Saturday night at 8pm. I will be home, and a bunch of us are meeting up. Tell Bekah and whomever else too!