Wednesday, June 24, 2009

It really is sad.

Of course I watched Monday night. Did you? Thoughts?
It was sad.
I actually felt sorry for Kate.
What idiots they are to think that filming the show had no part in the demise of their marriage.
I sure did think those Crooked Houses were cool.


Carie said...

I love the crooked houses, but thoughto they could have been a bit bigger...couldn't hardly fit all those kids in one...but I suppose that is why they got 4. LOL Very cute. I think that the whole situation is sad....I also think that it is a little arrogant of Kate (and maybe Jon to, I don't know) to think that the show can just go on like before. I don't know, it is a terrible thing for the kids, that is for sure!

Jill said...

Yes, we watched. Sad really.......
My hubby and I think Jon was being a jerk. I know Kate had her moments and could be quite demeaning at times, but come on...if you had 8 kids wouldn't you be a bit controlling?
She also seemed willing to do whatever it took to work on the marriage...him NOT so much!
BTW, did you notice his newly pierceds ears and attitiude? I bet we will find out soon that he has a girlfriend!
The saddest part of it all...those poor kids.
Just my 2 cents.
Hugs, Jill

Sara B. said...

I so agree with you Sarah! It is so sad...I wonder did they try counseling??? It is like they just gave up on each other.

I also thought the kids house were neat!!!

kellyhemrich said...

I think they should each get 4 kids & switch them out every few weeks. I also think all this money they made "for the kids" is going to go VERY quickly.

Ashley and Evan said...

A girlfriend today told me that she heard Jon's girlfriend (that Hummel chick he's supposedly not seeing)may be worked into the show. I would be totally disgusted if that happened.

Julia McD said...

Jon was being a jerk...he's "excited" wow, that's a bit much. And I did notice his new earrings. Kate seems genuinely sorry for her behavior, but he let her get away with of course, she was gonna do it! Just wonder which kid will be the most screwed up...