Wednesday, May 6, 2009


Jack had his first t-ball practice last night. His team is called the BEE's. He was SOOO excited about the practice. I got a little teary at the thought of my baby being old enough to play ball. I insisted on taking him so I could take pictures to document the event.
I was worried because I had ordered his cleats, baseball pants, and other gear but it had not arrived yet. I thought he would need it for practice. Cliff said he would not. Cliff was WRONG. There was another boy wearing his baseball pants and that kid was GOOD! It was the pants, I know it was.
Jack is going to perform so much better once he gets his pants and shoes.

Jack spent more time than any of the other kids taking a break for a drink.
I don't blame him. He had brought Gatorade in his very cool baseball backpack that has a place to hold his bat and Gatorade.
Overall the practice was pretty interesting.
The Coach kept calling Jack Jake and then wondered why he would not come when he yelled for Jake to take his turn batting.
Only one kid cried. He cried the entire practice. It was not my son--Jake.
Jack (who has attended more than his fair share of sporting events) wanted to know who the winner was. It was easy to explain since it was only a practice. Not going to be so easy to explain when it is a game (because they do not keep score at games).
After practice we headed to Pizza Man to pick up pizza.
As I was paying one of the teenagers who work there came out of the bathroom while zipping up his pants. Pretty good sign that he had not washed his hands.
We should have went to Joe's.
I still ate the pizza.
On to American Idol...................

I get that Adam is good.
I get that he is so gay that Clay Aiken is a little scared.
The judges love him.
It's just all a little much.
He's too polished.
I need an American Idol that's a little bit more rough around the edges.
I like Allison.
Danny is still my pick.
On the Today show this morning they said Paula has admitted to taking prescription pills.

And then.......
The Real Housewives of NYC season finale last night.
I purposely found a picture without Kelly. I am fairly certain that she does not read my blog, but just in case, I don't want her to get anymore of a bigger head than she already has.
I am so sad the season is over. I cannot wait until the reunion show next week.
Open casting dates for the Real Housewives of Jasper County will be announced soon.


kellyhemrich said...

Hey this is Kelly & I do read your blog!! My head just looks big because I have hair!

Ashley and Evan said...

I'm so bummed I missed the finale. We had to get a new DVR and Housewives did not make it over to the new one. I really hope they show some re-runs.