Monday, May 25, 2009

J & K + 8

Tonight's the season premier.
They sit down and talk about the "rumors".
In all seriousness, Jack likes to watch this show. I felt like for the most part this was something we could watch together. Now, not so much. At least we still have Family Guy.
By the way Kate, my sister Rebekah called. She wants her hair back.


Luke's Folks said...

omg. That is so funny.
Rebekah took the rights to that hairdo year ago. So upset about the show tonight. I am so sad for them. Jon is so obviously done. Kate? Chip says she is just in it for the fame now. The make up comment pretty much sealed his dislike for her.

Rebekah said...

at this point im actually considering growing out my Reverse Mullet. I can't take another stranger coming up to me saying that i look like Kate. I then have to explain that while i may look like her im nowhere near the bitch she is and i had this hair first.

Jamee said...

LOL...that is Rebekah's hair, and I have to say it looks much sexier on Rebekah than it does on Kate.

kellyhemrich said...

I think they should have done some work on their marriage 6 months ago. They keep saying they are doing what is best for the kids- I don't think so. There is no way you can be so angry at each other & it be in any way good for the kids.
Nice car John- how many kids can you fit in there?

Ashley and Evan said...

I'm so mad I missed the season premiere. I wanted so badly to see how it was all going to unfold. After watching it does anyone think that this is a publicity stunt? From what I hear, the show received its highest ratings ever.