Thursday, May 7, 2009

as I say---not as I do

Bristol Palin, teen mom, is the new spokesperson for a campaign that promotes abstinence and abstinence only sex-ed for teens.
In other news, I have been asked to become the spokesperson for the people who wear size two jeans foundation.

I get it, she made a mistake. She wants others to realize that it could happen to them.
Just say no, purity rings, Joe Simpson.

The problem is, it's just not realistic. 62% of teenagers have had sex by the 12th grade.

Recently my niece who is in 7th grade was taught sex ed. How was it taught? With a hard-boiled egg of course! She was to take care of an egg, teaching her that taking care of a baby is hard. I misunderstood and thought that when you wanted to have sex you should try to eat an egg instead. I now keep a 12 pack of hard boiled eggs in my fridge just ready to give Cliff when he wants to have some "sexy times".

Bristol is cute. She really is. Her son is a doll and I love his name. Levi is HOT.
They are just kids. They act like kids. Kids do stupid stuff. Kids have sex. Wish it away all you want, but when your kid comes home pregnant or tells you they have gotten someone pregnant, your gonna wish that maybe they had had access to a little more information than the "just don't have sex" kind.


Rebekah said...

Bristol is a hottie! but, what is with the dark hair? Is she trying to look motherly? She needs to get some highlights, Ditch the abstinence gig and sign a contract as the Trojan Condom Spokeswoman. YOU KNOW she is still doing it. 100 bucks says she is prego again within the year! That, or she also becomes the anti-abortion spokeswoman along with her plight for abstinence.

Tracie said...

lemme know how those hard boiled eggs are working for ya...when cliff is wanting to have some "sexy times."

i might have to steal your idea!

Kathryn said...

You just made me hungry for hard boiled eggs. I'm pretty sure that wasn't the point of your post, but whatever!

Great post by the way :)

Ashley and Evan said...

Does Cliff actually say, "I'm ready for sexy time!" when he's in the mood? ;=)

Sarah D said...

Rebekah--I bet she would sell lot's of condoms!

Tracie--I will keep you updated on the egg thing. So far, I have just been packing them in his lunch!

Kate--thanks, I knew you would appreciate it. Did you mean you were hungry for hard boiled eggs or "HARD BOILED EGGS"?

Ashley--he does not, one of my fav websites uses that term and I like to refer to the nasty as that. I wish Cliff did say that, if he did he might get more "sexy times".

Kaylie said...

LOL to Rebekah's comment...

Hey look! I have a blogger account and I'm commenting! :)

Kathryn said...