Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Harrison is 6 months old!!

Harrison is 6 months old today! He started as Baby Chuck Chuck, became Harrison and is now slowly but surely becoming Harry.

To celebrate this milestone we went for his 6 month check-up.
Harry weighs 21lbs and 10oz.
He is 27 inches long.
Along with finding out that my child was in the 99th percentile in the weight category (we like to stay as close to the top of any kind of list in this family) I was also informed that he had a double ear infection and pneumonia in his left lung.
I had assumed Harrison was just extra fussy because he was teething. Not the case.
The last week or so has not been so much fun.
Antibiotics, breathing treatments and sleepless night.
His first tooth finally popped through and he is working on getting one right beside it.
Happy 6 months Baby Harry!
A happy 6 months to his friend who also turns 6 months today---
Jereme Higgenbotham.


Tracie said...

Happy 6-months Baby Harrison!!

Christina said...

Happy 6 month birthday!

sjaxn said...

Jereme says thank you for the bday wish! Poor Harry on being sick. Hopefully he gets better soon!! Jereme cut his first tooth on Sunday. He was pretty crabby. Oh well! I can't believe how fast these 6 months have gone!!

~Hannah~ said...

Happy half-Birthday Snack Pack!! xoxoxoxo

Ashley and Evan said...

Such a cutie patootie. Happy 6 months Harry!

Funneman Fun said...

He is all Diel and is getting so big so fast. I miss seeing him!